SpeedyPin Customer Testimonials


  Keep it up, I have been using your site for almost 3 years consistently! It is quick, convenient, easy, and great deals are easy to find!  

---- Steve M., Fenton, MO

  I just wanted to let you know how great these phone cards are - I have been using them for a while now and never had a problem and it's so cheap to call the Uk. And the web site is very easy to use for me to repeat my order - so THANK YOU!  

---- April G., East Troy, WI

  I sure appreciate your honesty in your business! I recommend you highly to others. Thanks, Keep up the good work!  

---- Judy R., Lincoln, ME

  Helpful customer service which is empowered to make decisions, unlike other companies where they have to defer even minor issues to the supervisor. Great job!  

---- Raj J., Atlanta, GA

  THANKS very much for calling to check up on a credit card order via internet, to slow down on internet scams. Many companies do not do this step and yours does (great!), meaning I'll gladly do business with you again in the future.  

---- Kevin D., Austin, TX

  What made me very happy was that someone from your company actually called my home and asked if I received my pin ok and if I had any questions. NOW THAT'S THE SERVICE I AM LOOKING FOR !!! I look forward to more purchases from your company and look forward to more good customer service. Thank you.  

---- John G., Tacoma, WA

  Love your service and rates, also the ability to recharge online. Very simple and efficient! Thank you!  

---- Lynette C., Shasta Lake City, CA

  This is my second order, and to be true to my word, it is a bigger order this time. The service first time was excellent. Hope it continues to be the same.  

---- Puneet S., Durham, NC

  This is the best calling card (the Worldwide) that I have found to call Taiwan that I get all the minutes that I paid for.  

---- Aaron N., Yellowstone National Park, WY

  The two phone cards I've used for Kenya have been wonderful!!! Thank You!  

---- Carol H. Mesa, AZ

  I feel safe ordering from your company because of your guarantee.  

---- Trung K., Woodland Hills, CA

  My family is all over the US. I use the Flat Rate card to keep in touch with everybody. Love the rates.  

---- Robert C., Montgomery, AL

  I am a student here in the United States and call my family back in the Philippines. Good rates!!!  

---- Dante M., Columbus, OH

  I have had numerous bad experiences with calling cards, mostly my money was taken for no service as promised. I am a frequent caller to Australia, NZ and mostly Fiji Islands. I spend approximately $X - $X on calling cards and imagine how frustrating it is not to be able to get the service you pay for. Thanks and keep up with you good service.  

---- Pushpa L., St. Louis Park, MN

  THANKS!!! a HAPPY CUSTOMER.. SO FAR. I travel a lot on business with my position and have used your cards in hotels in utah, arizona, arkansas to phone upstate NY and England and have had no hotel phone charges.  

---- Chris C., Syracuse, NY

  We are really sold on your website and have gotten such good service and value from the cards we have purchased. My mother-in law LOVES your cards because they help her keep in touch with relatives and not worry about the cost.  

---- R. V., Pleasonton, CA

  I am very happy with your service. You delivery system is excellent and the quality of line connection is excellent. I will be using your card from now on. My fiance lives in Russia and will be there for about 6 more months before we can be reunited over here in the USA. I use your card exclusively to talk to her. I will recommend your service to anyone that asks about it. Thank you!  

---- Mahlon G.

  And I really do love your service. It's very convenient, efficient and the best part is that I know if my card doesn't work for whatever reason your staff will work with me (even if it means providing me with new cards to replace faulty cards at no cost) to resolve the problem. you're just awesome!  

---- Theresa S., Yale University

  Rock solid rates/info & purchasing I've come to expect from your site!  

---- Russell G., South Daytona, FL

  Our son is in Iraq. We love being able to send him your cards to keep in touch with him regularly. Thanks!  

---- David H., Harrison, TN

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